Leadership Transition Program Workshop


What is the Leadership Transition Program?


The transition from successful Individual Contributor to successful Leader takes more than acquiring leadership skills; it takes a fundamental shift in mind set. From that point, each successive leadership role will not only require a shift in mind set but a fundamental shift in how the leader leads.

The Leadership Transition Program® has developed 4 separate courses based upon the fundamental principles in the book
The Leadership Pipeline“.

The Leadership Pipeline

leadership-pipelineEach leadership level has a distinct position that calls for adjusted values and time applications combined with new skills. By defining what is expected of a leader at each level, LTP creates effective leaders who have clear objectives and the tools they need to succeed.

Why use the Leadership Transition Programmes®

The step from accepting a leadership position to becoming a successful leader takes more than merely providing better leadership skills. It calls for a fundamental adjustment in mind-set. Leadership Transition Programmes® (LTP®) is a leadership structure that offers a leadership programme for each of the leadership levels in the organisation, from leading others, to leading leaders and leading functional leaders.

  • The Leadership Transition Programmes support leaders at various leadership levels to develop appropriate work values, time application and skills.
  • The Leadership Transition Programmes® are based on high impact learning principles integrating the participants’ real life situation into the programmes.
    Accordingly, the learning from the programmes can be applied instantly when the participant return to their jobs.
  • The generic programmes can easily be customized in order to capture specific organisations’ desired leadership culture and existing HR tools

How your business can benefit from using Leadership Transition Programmes®

  • Inspires and helps your leaders to lead at the right level
  • Creates an empowered and engaged organisation
  • Improve the execution power by building a leadership powered company based on accountability
  • Transform the organisation culture from a doing/compliance culture to an achievement/commitment culture
  • Facilitates qualified leaders to fill your leadership pipeline by implementing a simple, hands on, transparent and cost effective approach towards leadership assessment and development.

About The Leadership Pipeline

The Leadership Transition Programmes® is based on the bestselling book “The Leadership Pipeline” (by Ram Charan, Jim Noel and Steven Drotter, a book that has been sold in more than 200,000 samples in multiple languages). The Leadership Transition Programmes has been developed together with James Noel, one of the authors the bestselling book.

Clavis specializes in supporting large international organisations in building a sustainable leadership development/assessment infrastructure, which is based on the Leadership Pipeline concept. The approach is cultural and industry neutral and can thus be applied in all parts of the world and within any industry. The approach is characterised by being intuitive simple, hands on, transparent and cost effective.

Today, The Leadership Pipeline concept is today used by more than 20% of Furtune 500 companies as the management development infrastructure.

Facts about Leadership Transition Program:

  • 4 day course (each day consists of 8 hours classroom work)
  • Easily customized to integrate into existing HR tools and practices
  • Includes (2) 360° reviews for each participant (1 prior to course, 1 six months after course).

To arrange a company customized Leadership Transition Program training process.

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