Our focus areas


Clavis helps you address the business critical opportunities in hiring and developing the people that create outstanding results. As a leader in behaviour and skill assessments and workforce analytics, we have the experience and methodology to help you find, keep, and grow the people that will help solve your most pressing business challenges. The focus areas are:


Talent acquisition

Talent acquisition

The financial consequences of making a poor hire are significant. Just consider recruiting costs, lost productivity, poor performance, and low morale. No organisation can afford to make a bad hire or lose a hire before their potential is realized. Talent Acquisition is the critical process of finding, assessing and acquiring talent to meet the company’s goals. It also includes the essential on boarding process once the hire is made.

With behavioural assessment systems and cognitive tests you take the guesswork out of the selection process, by defining the behavioural requirements of the job and identifying the natural behavioural drives of the candidate. With this you will have a fit/gap analysis between the job profile and the personality profile of the candidate. You also get key insights into the candidate’s training and coaching needs to support the on boarding process.


Talent development

Behavioural assessment systems help you use data to optimize people’s performance by building high-performing teams and developing a leadership pipeline that supports development and inspires longevity in your business.

Supposedly, one of the scarcest corporate resources is top talent. In actuality:

  • Tapping into the potential that exists in your organisation has the power to enhance the impact of their talent on your organisation.
  • Successful development at one leadership level enhances the probability of success at the next level.
  • The key lies within your business. The secret to unlocking untapped potential requires knowing how to identify and develop top talent into leaders of today and tomorrow.

Whether it is coaching, succession planning or building high-performing teams, leaders must be diverse and innovative to achieve organisational goals. The Predictive Index system is a scientifically-validated workforce analytics that will help you identify your leaders’ natural behaviours, needs, and management styles – so you will be able to understand how they engage with others and their role in team leadership dynamics.


Change management

Organisations don’t change. People do.

Both developmental and transformational change is about people and their behaviours – and change management is about understanding both.

Organisations , who succeed in managing change, have a strong insight into individual motivating behaviours and needs, can resolve or leverage conflict, and understand effective interpersonal and company-wide communication. In order to get here, top organisations are turning to data-based behavioural science to determine the urgency of change, build high-performing leadership teams, communicate the strategic vision and buy-in effectively, motivate action, and ensure that change stays.

Scientifically-validated workforce analytics will help you identify peoples’ natural behaviours, needs, and management styles during times of developmental changes (systems, processes, structures, fine tunings, etc.) and/or transformational changes (culture shift, mergers and acquisitions, new leadership, etc.). With the Predictive Index system you can objectively:

  • Evaluate an employee’s readiness for change
  • Anticipate individual reactions to change
  • Identify the most appropriate way to engage employees, in preparation of and following change
  • Recognise the most effective way to design teams to guide change that sticks
  • Learn to communicate in so you speak to peoples’ motivation and thus a results-driven way.


Growth strategy

Ensuring that you have the right people on board is imperative for productivity improvement and ultimately, growth strategy.

In order to meet future organisational goals, you need to have a clear understanding of your current situation. The Predictive Index® system can help you prepare for tomorrow by objectively uncovering the behavioural drives and needs of your current employees. Do you know who your high performers are? And do you know what they need to succeed? This will allow you to set up you and your team for long-term sustainable success.

McKinsey & Company (2012) research shows that high performers generate 40% more productivity in operations roles, 50% more profit in managerial roles, and 70% increased revenue in sales roles. Are your leaders worth following?

To achieve revenue goals, the Predictive Index system portfolio gives you the data you need to meet your sales-related talent acquisition and development challenges. You can rely on the Predictive Index system, or Selling Skills Assessment Tool™ to measure an individual’s behaviour drives and how it relates to their communication and decision-making style and selling skills.

With people-smart data, you can leverage the strengths of your people and customize training and coaching to drive for performance and productivity.