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Clavis is a group of dedicated people with achievements from corporate international businesses. We bring profound hands-on leadership experience, strategic as well as operational, to help clients develop high impact leadership and organisational effectiveness through leadership development.

Best in class partners
We partner with the leading companies within global leadership and organisational development to offer our clients best in class solutions where key talent can develop their potential and create performance excellence and thus not only grow a successful business but also ensure a sustainable organisation.

Clavis is a global provider of The Predictive Index System®, a powerful combination of assessment, educational training and consulting. The PI model is unique as it empowers managers with the instruments, knowledge and expert support to drive organisational performance by understanding what can influence and drive their employees to perform at work. The PI exists in more than 60 languages and is used in more than 143 countries.

Clavis is global provider of the leading international cognitive recruitment tool Professional Learning Indicator™. The recruitment tool exists in more than 50 languages, has a predictive value of 40-60%, and is thus the strongest predictor for success for any given job function. The tool can significantly improve must recruitment processes and is a critical part of building a lean recruitment process.

Clavis is a global provider of the leading leadership development solution based on the Leadership Pipeline book by Ram Charan, Jim Noel and Steven Drotter and a partner to Sirra Group who also includes the two authors to the bestselling book, Jim Noel and Steven Drotter.Today, more than 20% of Fortune 500 companies use The Leadership Pipeline concept is as their management development infrastructure to develop their leaders.

Clavis People


Richard Kang

General Manager

Richard Kang is an experienced General Manager and trainer with a rich international and multifunctional background.
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Sophia Sun


Sophia Sun is responsible for operations and customer service and comes with a considerable experience in a range of settings.

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Clavis associates

campanileCampanile management Consulting
Campanile Consulting provides management teams in Asia and Europe with strategic advise and training in leadership, management and communication, including the PI Worldwide product suite.

Clavis works with Shanghai based Campanile to help clients to excel in leadership through the PI Worldwide products suite.

aha_logo-smAHA Consulting
AHA Consulting works with clients across China and Asia focusing on talent management and leadership development,with customized solutions. AHA offers you dedicated consultants with actual leadership experience from the businesses they have worked in. Our consultants build upon this business experience and thus offer you an outside-in and inside-out perspective.

Clavis works with Beijing based AHA Consulting to help clients excel in leadership through the PI Worldwide products suite.

spacerJesse Jiang
Jesse Jiang has more than 20 years of experience within the Human Resources Consulting/Management and Training fields, focusing on client service, consulting, team building and talent development. He has extensive experience as a professional trainer and consultant, within the areas of “Excellent Selling Skills”, “Competency-based Behavioural Interview”, “Problem Analysis and Decision Making”, “Win-Win Communications”, “Career Planning” and “Coaching For Better Results”.

Jesse Jiang has a Bachelor degree of Science, and has been certified as a consultant / facilitator for Predictive Index (PI Worldwide USA)、DiSC™ (USA)、ASSESS™ & SSM™ (BigbyHavis& Associates USA)、ASSESSMENT CENTER™ (AC-EXS UK).