How we differ


Scientific rigor. Science-based solutions in our products and solutions.

Experience. With over 60 years of success, Predictive Index® (PI) is not just your latest buzzword. PI can guide you through data-driven decisions in four focus areas: Talent Acquisition, Talent Development, Change Management, and Growth Strategy. With nearly 2 million assessments completed annually, Predictive Index data adds valuable insight throughout the talent management life cycle for any industry or position. Complementing the Predictive Index, Professional Learning Indicator, Selling Skills Assessment Tool, and Leadership Performance Indicator –LPI -identifies opportunities that enable managers to drive individual and team performance in sales and other roles across the organisation.

Methodology. A proven approach that integrates data, knowledge, expertise, and technology, creating subject matter experts within your organisation, delivering insights and tools that you can actually use to make a difference.

Applicable and adds value. Our tools add value, regardless of your industry or company size. The PI solution can be used for both selection and development of people.

Practical and easy. All assessments are easy to complete and take approximately 10 minutes. Results are presented in a visual format (though written reports are available, as well), enabling you to interpret results immediately, fast and easily.

Flexible and cost effective. Pricing of the Predictive Index and Professional Learning Indicator solutions is based on a simple annual subscription, making it highly flexible and very cost-effective for your organisation. You enjoy unlimited use of the assessments, regardless of the number of candidates or employees, without the complexity of cost-per-click models.

Expertise – locally and globally. Clavis is a Predictive Index licensee and partner for the China market, and at the same time part of a global network of professional experts within PI solutions, Professional Learning Indicator (PLI) and Leadership Transition Programs. With Clavis you have a local presence and expertise and a global reach for your organisation.