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Whitepaper: Overcome the Talent Shortage with Strategic Workforce Planning: How behavioral assessment data drives long-term business success

More than a third of companies are struggling to attract the skilled workers they need to drive long-term business results. Faced with this growing talent shortage, companies need to have a workforce plan that directly supports the organization’s strategic intent. This whitepaper reveals how high performing organizations are using workforce analytics to gain a strategic advantage in a challenging labor market.


Whitepaper: Managing the Challenges of the New Virtual Workforce: The use of personality data to build and develop high performing virtual teams

This whitepaper explores some of the major trends that are contributing to the rise of the virtual workforce, examines some of the main challenges related to remote-team management, and outlines key principles that help managers achieve success with virtual teams.


Abstract: 4 Ways Science Improves Sales Performance

Learn to leverage the four ways science is impacting the art of sales. Download this abstract from Scientific Selling: Creating High Performance Sales Teams through Applied Psychology and Testing, by Nancy Martini,PI Worldwide’s President and CEO.


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Aberdeen Research: PI Worldwide Clients Build High Performance Cultures

Aberdeen’s April 2011 Assessments report proved that top performing companies are achieving exceptional results through the use of assessment data to make better talent decisions and build high performing cultures. This research brief highlights how PI Worldwide clients exemplify this trend by effectively integrating the Predictive Index (PI) System into their organizational cultures to achieve a positive business impact.

Highlights of the research brief include:

  • PI Worldwide clients are 50% more likely than best-in-class organizations to use pre-hire assessment data to educate the hiring manger, setting the new employee up for success right from the start.
  • PI Worldwide clients are 28% more likely than industry average organizations to link pre-hire assessment results to ongoing employee performance results.
  • PI Worldwide clients are 14% more likely than best-in-class organizations to have senior leadership buy-in for assessment use.


Aberdeen Research: Selecting and Developing for the Future

A 2011 Benchmark study* by the Aberdeen Group explores how best-in-class organizations like PI Worldwide client companies leverage assessments to minimize talent risk while maximizing talent performance.

Five compelling facts from the research, providing actionable benefits for readers:

  • Best-in-Class companies are 85% more likely to be able to correlate post-hire assessment results to ongoing performance.
  • Organizations with a formal process to assess new hires, existing employees and candidates are 56% more likely to be Best-in-Class companies.
  • 72% of Best-in-Class companies ensure true collaboration between HR and the business to ensure that assessments truly meet the business needs.
  • Best-in-Class companies are almost twice as likely to look at assessment data as part of the strategic business planning process.
  • Organizations using assessments in both the pre- and post-hire achieved, on average, 19% more of their organizational goals in the past year.

*Data collected between March and April 2011 from more than 640 organizations, 516 of which use assessments as part of their talent strategy.