The value of workforce analytics


Market-leading organizations are increasingly applying analytical methodologies to understand and optimize their biggest single competitive advantage – their people. According to a recent Aberdeen Group study, high-performing companies consistently rank behaviour and skill assessments as most valuable in identifying high-potential employees. And 94% of best-in-class organizations leverage behaviour assessments, compared to just 65% of all others.

Using behaviour and skill data, combined with analytics and business expertise, these high-performing companies are finding, placing, and developing their people in roles for which they are most naturally suited to succeed. Our research shows that progressive companies are using behaviour assessment data to ensure high levels of employee job satisfaction and performance in these 10 key areas:

  • Hiring decisions
  • Performance management
  • Employee motivation
  • Coaching
  • Job feedback
  • Structural changes
  • Managing conflict
  • Employee retention
  • Team building
  • Succession planning

The ability to use data-driven, scientifically validated methodologies to evaluate candidates, organise teams, and develop employees gives you unprecedented confidence and accuracy in the selection and development of the individuals you depend on to make your company successful.

Who benefits from workforce analytics?

  • Business owners and executives– concerned with corporate performance
  • HR and hiring managers– measured on the quality of talent they attract
  • Project managers and team leaders – responsible for assembling and managing high-performing teams
  • I/O psychologists – responsible for the scientific study of the workplace
  • Employees – seeking an organisation or role that allows them to grow and thrive.