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pi-logo50The Predictive Index Management Workshop™ transfers PI® knowledge to managers at all levels of your organisation. This powerful workshop gives you invaluable insight into yourself and the power to predict how others will perform. Discover how to match individual behaviours with the skill and experience competencies necessary to grow your personnel and ultimately, your organisation.

PI Management Workshop will add to your experience as a business manager an awakening self-realization and teach you how persons’ natural behaviours influence them, opening up an opportunity for team building and employee development.

PI Management Workshops last two days and will take you through all aspects of the PI. Participants will get a thorough understanding of the system and will be able to use the PI in their work, including feedback meetings with employees and recruitments. 


The Predictive Index Management Workshop™ combines instructor-led classroom learning with web-based preparation and reinforcement to put predictive data and insights to work for your organisation.

By the end of this in-depth workshop, you are certified as a “Predictive Index Analyst” and leave the course understanding yourself, your teams, and your organisation in entirely new ways. The PI Management Workshop™ opens the door to a powerful perspective and method for achieving both immediate- and long-term business results.

How to sign up

PI Management Workshops can be privately scheduled to train individuals in your organisation as Predictive Index Certified Analysts.

If you are already using PI, and have business or HR managers or specialists that needs PI training to integrate PI into their leadership
or to schedule your company’s private class.

Contact Clavis

Clavis also holds open PI Management workshops on a regular basis in Beijing, Hong Kong and Shanghai in Mandarin and English; to sign up for our Open PI Management workshop, please see our scheduled calendar for open PI Management workshops.

Open Predictive Index Management Workshop

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