Augment your investment in the Predictive Index® with flexible e-learning courses

Augment and reinforce Predictive Index® (PI®) knowledge at all levels of your organisation with our the Predictive Index ® online courses. Each 30-minute session delivers powerful content, interactive practice, and comprehensive information to increase your ability to apply PI insights to help tackle every day and strategic business challenges.

The three courses are:

  • Introduction to Behavioural Science and the Predictive Index
  • Predictive Index Review
  • Delivering Powerful Predictive Index Feedback

Delivered through the online PI Worldwide e-learning Centre, access to these courses is fast and convenient. A knowledge check at the end of each course allows learners and their managers to assess and track learning results.

These online courses benefit experienced as well as new clients, educating managers about how the insights revealed by the Predictive Index can be harnessed to drive business results. Trained PI Analysts refresh core concepts, methodologies and discover best practices in delivering PI Feedback. Both Analysts and non-Analysts learn about behavioural assessments and how the Predictive Index can be used as a strategic management tool to guide decisions throughout the talent life cycle.

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